How to find a bearing item size chart and bearing item number easily
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Please note that our web supports you to find a bearing item number very easily.
Some Tips for you:
1) On the top right side of Web, there is a search area. If you want to find 6203 bearing, please type 6203 in it, then press "go" Button, you will easily find the products of bearing 6203.
2) On each product group, there is sub-grouped by inner core size. For example, you will see"2mm inner core Flange Bearing""2.5mm inner Core Flange Bearing" under the "Flange Ball Bearing" Group.
When you know the bearing inner core dimension, you will easily find the bearing on our website.
3) There are full description and bearing size charts on our website.
You can find the first product group, there is "bearing size charts" for your easily find the dimension of a bearing.
If you do not know the dimension of the bearing you are looking for, please click first product group"bearing size chart" to check the size first.

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