How to select a suitable Bearing
 It is a question how to select a suitable bearing.
Bearing is a quick-wear part.And if you can select a suitable bearing, it will be longer life.

The most important is the usage of the bearing. If you are using it for very slow rotation, such as sliding doors and windows,you can choose ABEC1 or ABEC3 bearings.
And if you need them to carry big loads, the hardness of bearing shall be good enough.

If you are using bearing for electic motors,you shall choose high precision and low noise bearings.
We now have Z2V2, Z3V3 ,Z4V4 Bearings for selection.
When it comes up to Z3V3 and Z4V4 bearings, the noise is low even rotation speed is high.
And the bearing is durable as it is hardened and good lubricated.

Ningbo Various Bearing Co.LTd focus on quality.When we purchase material, we select good quality material.And control the quality in every production procedure.
Below please see our vibration testing Standards for each bearing.