How to find a good bearing supplier in China?

   Writen by Ms. Julia Poon, Exporting Department , Ningbo Various Bearing Co.Ltd
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    As an international buyer,we often consider that china bearings are cheap and not good quality.
    But now,more and more buyers are buying bearings from China because they find they can get a high PPR(Performance Price ratio) buying chinese bearings.
    Bearing is a vulnerable part but necessary and important.
    We all want to buy good bearings but sometimes we are confused about how to find a suitable and good bearing supplier in China.

    Here is some tips :
    First we will talk about price because it is the most important factor that the buyers will consider to buy merchandise or not.
    Frankly speaking,many people buy from china because they think that China bearing is cheaper than what they will pay locally.
    But as an experience bearing manufactuer, we will dare say that,if buyers are always looking for lowest price bearing,there will not be happy buying experience.
    No matter what, lower price means quality so-so. If your vendor gives you much lower price than others,it is your fault to choose him, since you are choosing a not good quality.
And they will give you the products what the price values for.It's a deal and you don't have rights to blame anybody else.

    Yes we can set up some standards between you and the vendors(manufacturers, factory, trader, exporters),but market price is the measure.
    And you might imagine that, in a high competition ,vendors will strive for more orders.How? Lower price and lower quality.
    You might not see how quality is lower, but they did it. And if you are looking for low price, you will be waiting for their lower quality standard merchandise.

    Why price is put on the first place? Because all of our idea is that, we want cheap goods,and china goods are the cheapest.
    As a vendor, we don't deny cheap prices.
    But we will suggest a suitable price, which is in the market level, and in a reasonal quality standard with which buyers and vendors will agree.

    After price problem is solved, we will talk about tenet. Why tenet? As a buyer, we just buy from the suitable vendor,who cares?
    But as an experienced bearing manufactuer, we consider that a tenet or values we say,is the most important factor which a buyer should consider from your supplier.
    How is the supplier positioned himself?What is the common value of the manufactuer? What is the enterprise vision?

    It is an example that:How do you find your Mr./Mrs. Right? By appearance? By a good stature? Good family background? Or common values?
    It is a fact that we want to make friends with a common value.
    Also it is same that we will be eager to work with a supplier(manufacturer, factory, trader or exporter) with a common value with you.

    Our company (Ningbo Various Bearing Co.Ltd) Tenet: Quality First, Customer First.
    It might be a normal setence many suppliers will state on their pages, but we will take it in the first place when we work.
    It will be a good experience you are working with our staffs.And we will not escape from difficulty if we meet with some problem.
    To work with customer, we will figure out a solution discussing with you.

3)Good quality Control.
    A good quality control not only shows on the certificates.You can find it in every details.
    In Raw material procedure, our company will be very strict and picky.All bearing raw material(Inner ring,Outer ring, Retainers, Balls) will be in the standard and not lower.
    Since we know that good products are coming from good materials.

4)Production Control.
    As an experience bearing manufacturer, we know what is the difference between a rough grinding ,accurate grinding and surperfinish.
    We know how the balls will fit better in the gooves. And we know how to make better concentricity. Also we know what clearance will be suitable for different usage of bearing.
    When all is combined into a bearing, you will see the difference.

5)About Grease.
    We will take the grease as a topic since it is very important.
    For example, we will suggest customer to tell what is the usage of the bearing, environment and degrees etc.
    It is necessary to know this because in different environment we will suggest customer to use different grease to low down failure rate.
    And we have very experience techincians will give you best advices.

6)About Assembly.
    In China, labor cost is getting higher and higher.That is the reason why we are now using automatic assemblying machines.
    Our company(Ningbo Various Bearing Co.LTd) has invested 1milion u.s.dollars to invest 5 automatic assemblying machines to assemble the bearings.

7)About Packing.
    Packing is always be left in the basket factor but very essential factor.
    Bearing products is very weighed items and it requires very strong packing. We will suggest tubes or boxes as inside, anti-damp plastic bags,
then into 5-7 layers cardboard Cartons as the outside pack.
    And for some customers,we will supply strong and Fumigated Wooden Pallets.
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