Product name : F686 flange bearings
Size(dxDXB)(mm): : 
Material: : 
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Flange bearing is very popular and sales very well.
It is widely used and we offer very high precision Flange bearings.ABEC-1,ABEC3, ABEC-5 (P0,P6, P5 )precisions.

Our Flange bearing product range: F682 MF52 F692 MF62 MF72 F602 F682X F692X MF82 F602X MF63 F683 MF83 F693 MF93 F603 F263 MF74 MF84 MF104 F694 F624 MF85 MF95 MF105 MF115 F685 F695 F625 MF106 MF126 F686 F696 F262 MF117 MF137 F697 F627 MF128 MF148 F688 F698 F608 F689 F699 F6700 F6800 F6900 F6701 F6801 F6901 bearing ,etc.

Our bearing parts are widely used for industrial products are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, water pumps, power tools, air compressor, gear, industrial motors, generators, textile machinery, agricultural machinery, transport equipment, construction equipment, machine tools, home appliances, doors and window spareparts, mining machines ,etc. 

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